Belug_&calf_swimmingWe appreciate the many comments and thoughts we’ve received over the last week, and wanted to provide you an update on Naya, along with Puiji and her calf.

Naya, whose calf failed to thrive after a rare and difficult birth earlier this week, is doing extremely well. She is eating and playing with her trainers like normal, appears more relaxed, and is almost back to her old self. Because Naya has an incredibly strong bond with Puiji, and has been a nursemaid to many of our previous calves, she is currently swimming with Puiji and her calf in Secluded Bay. It’s encouraging to see Puiji’s calf spending time with Naya. In fact, Puiji’s calf currently spends almost 25% of its day with Naya, something that Puiji allows and Naya seems to appreciate.

Beluga_swimmingAs for Puiji’s calf, he is doing amazingly well as he moves into his second full week of life. You may remember he was born with a slight curvature of his tail, possibly from his breech birth (head first). But with help from his mother, he has learned to overcome some early swimming challenges and his tail now looks and functions normally. He swims and dives like a champ. In fact, he likes to play with his buoyancy. He flips and stands on his head, and swims upside down and so much more. He seems to truly appreciate and enjoy showing off how agile he has become. There are still several milestones he needs to still reach, but we are very pleased with his progress so far.

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Posted by Ken Ramirez, animal collections and training.