Gren Tree PythonTwo green tree pythons, sisters Jasmine (pictured) and Ivy, have joined the Animal Encounters program. You’ll see one or the other 4-foot snake comfortably looped on a branch, held by a staff member, as if she were on a tree – because this species is almost completely arboreal. The deep pits visible in the upper and lower lips detect infrared radiation—heat from warm-blooded prey. Hidden in the rain forest canopy, its prehensile tail grasping a branch, a green tree python strikes from an S-shaped position to grab a rodent on the ground or a baby bird in a tree, constrict and swallow it whole. Being nocturnal and a little shy—and well-fed—Jasmine and Ivy are well-behaved around guests. See them soon!

Posted by Karen Furnweger, web editor