LionfishWoe to the predator that ignores the bold warning stripes of the lionfish. Within those beautiful fanned fins are prickly poisonous spines. At rest, the lionfish keeps its fins folded and close to its body. But when it’s hungry, it will flare those fins to corner a smaller fish or crustacean, subdue it with its stun-gun spines and suck it in whole. See our two new lionfish in Wild Reef, along with four new flathead anthias – dazzling little orange fish with yellow tails. While you’re here, check out more recent additions in Waters of the World, including Madagascar rainbow fish and, giving you an idea of the spectacular diversity of our own southeastern waters, ridged sawback rainbow fish, bluefin killifish, black-banded sunfish and blue-spotted sunfish. Wow!
Posted by Karen Furnweger, web editor