Young_NaturalistsThe Young Naturalists at Shedd are midway through their summer program. Here are some thoughts from the Young Nats about their Shedd experience:

Knowing it’s the halfway point in the Young Naturalist program, I feel that I have gained so much confidence. Now outside of Shedd's walls, I find myself still saying hello and how are you to people I don't even know. From Shedd I’ve learned that I enjoy being around people. I LOVE THIS JOB!
-Claire F.

I feel like I can confidently talk to guests about anything at Shedd. This internship has shown me that I can speak to guests about a variety of animals while answering their questions.
-Melissa N.

I love the people, and the atmosphere. I’ve learned more here then my senior year in high school, and I never want to leave. Halfway day just reminds me that this experience is not forever…
-James P.

I’ve realized how much my communication skills have improved. Before I wasn’t comfortable starting conversations and approaching guests. Now I can approach a guest with nothing in my hand and get a reaction from them that shows they are satisfied just as much as I am! -Connie W.

What I have learned is that I am good at explaining many of the animals to the guests at Shedd. Also, I love that I am confident in talking to the guests in Polar Play Zone. I’ve noticed that I really like playing alongside with children.
-Marcus W.