Young_NaturalistsThe Young Naturalists took a trip to North Park to develop their creative interpretation skills. At North Park they sampled water, tasted wild berries, and saw a variety of wildlife. From the trip, the Young Nat’s were able to apply the information they had learned within Shedd’s walls. Here is what they had to say:

Today I did something I never did before. From the advice my supervisor had given me, I was able to interpret the entire room at the school of fish post! It was so cool and people were really interested in what I had to say. At first I was afraid of that particular post, but now I can’t wait for the next time until I am there. I feel like I’ve improved so much!

Today I felt really confident when I was on the floor. I was calm and I projected my voice to the guests. I worked at my most favorite post; The Anaconda! I love telling people the actually size of the anaconda, and seeing the reactions of the guests is just priceless!
-Sergio A. 

Today I’ve come to the realization that I feel more confident then when I first started here. Before I was pretty reluctant to talk to a guest, but now I have no problem speaking to people at a comfortable level.
-Derrick O.

Throughout my time here at Shedd I have learned that you have to work hard, and finish up in school. When you’re done finishing your education you should pick something to do that you like, because it will really pay off in the end.
-Kerwin C.

Today on the floor I felt good and confident. I answered questions before the guests had a chance to ask them, and made them laugh. I also played hide and seek with the Suriname Toad, and it was so much fun!
-Artasia J.

Today on the floor I felt more confident. It felt like the guests were more active and open to what I had to tell them, and they had many questions to offer me. It made me feel amazing, like I was doing everything right.
-Marcell M.