MarineBiologyParticipantsShedd’s High School Marine Biology Program is designed for the student who wants to explore marine science as a possible career. Students are introduced to marine biology and the scientific method in a classroom setting at Shedd and then apply this knowledge by conducting research in the Bahamas on Shedd's live-aboard vessel, the R/V Coral Reef II. This is the first of a series of blogs written by the students about their experience.

During the three days that we have been in the pre-trip classes, we have been doing many team-building activities. We’ve learned that communication is the key to a well-functioning group. One task was completing a human knot.

The object of this game was to lock hands with two people in a random fashion, leaving you in a knot to untangle. At first glance it didn’t look like a difficult task, but to our amazement it was! Learning to trust one another is also one of the many things we have to accomplish as a group. In the game Get to Know Your Tree, one person was blindfolded and led by his or her partner to a tree to have a minute to feel the distinctions in the tree. Then, unblindfolded, that person was required to find the tree. We were able to put our trust in our teammate’s hand to guide us to our destination. Team-building brought us closer together as a group, and through these processes we learned to communicate and, most importantly, motivate each other with positive attitudes. Last but not least, we had lots of fun during these exercises.