YoungNaturalistsShedd’s Young Naturalists program invites 15 outgoing and motivated Chicago high school students to join Shedd for six weeks in creatively connecting aquarium guests to nature.

On June 26, the “Young Nats” participated in a ropes course team building exercise. We asked them to blog about their experience.

Today was a fun but learning day. We had several challenges that were fun but also gave us future tips & advice that will be helpful as we go forth in working and also in life. I learned that teamwork is easier than working by yourself sometimes, because you get done faster and everyone has a chance to voice their suggestions.
-Artasia J.

From physical walls to proverbial walls, we learned that there are many obstacles in life to overcome. Many of those obstacles will seem impossible alone, but with our friends we will always overcome them. Plus, even if we don’t overcome it, they’re there for us to fall back on. Risk taking? Go for it!
-Connie W.

Quite honestly, I expected the day to be super awkward. To my surprise it was really fun. I had a good time doing things I’d never done before. Also, I really did get to know everyone better (or at all) & got comfortable with them. I was surprised what a good time I had while accomplishing the goal for the day. I think this was really great activity for us to do at the beginning of this program.
-Clara D.

YoungNaturalistsEverybody seems so cool and fun, I can’t wait to start working with them!
-Samuel C.

Today began awkwardly, but after only four hours I feel very comfortable with everybody. The day forced everybody out of their comfort zones and allowed people to mingle. I can tell that this summer will be a great success.
-Melissa N.

I learned how to work together with people I don’t know.
-Marcus W.

Today was a great day. We got to really know one another although it was our first day as an actual team. After today, I think this summer is going to go by really fast. We’ve gotten pretty comfortable & we’ve started creating our own memories. I’m sure there will be tons more to come. I’ve personally learned to trust myself and trust others. This will sure be a summer to remember.
-Emilse A.