Today is World Ocean's Day! It's a time to reflect on how important the oceans and Great Lakes are in your life. Appropriately, the theme of World Ocean’s Day this year is “our oceans, our responsibility,” calling on residents living in the Midwest, Southwest, Great Lakes region or anywhere around the world to take action to protect the world's water.

One important action item is to spread the word on why the oceans are important and what you can do to help. To get the world talking today we are encouraging everyone to share two new facts about the oceans or Great Lakes that your friends don't already know. Here are a few things to start you off:

-The oceans generate most of the oxygen we breathe

-More than 3.5 billion people depend on the ocean for their primary source of food

-More than 60% of the world’s coral are threatened due to pollution and climate change

-Plastic waste kills up to 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish each year

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Posted by Lizzy Latenser, conservation