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Turtle strapped in, ready for being transportedI said goodbye to everyone at Gumbo Limbo and headed north about an hour to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Dr. Mette was doing a flipper amputation on a loggerhead and I was able to see the removal of a badly damaged flipper. This poor turtle was hit by a boat propeller and got osteomyelitis--fancy word to say bone infection. These infections are very hard to clear up, especially if they are so wide spread as this poor turtles was.

After the surgery, I got a great tour of the facilities, which was also packed with the cold-stunned turtles. They had to put two turtles to a tank, which is usually not done with loggerhead because they don't like to share tanks. They have large windows looking into the hospital so people can watch what is going on. 

We had a few crowds while doing surgery. We then had to wait for this big loggerhead to wake up!

Meanwhile we brought in another larger loggerhead on a gurney-- they are too big and heavy to just carry.  We had to strap him in with belts to prevent him trying to run away while in transport!

The loggerhead woke up and we called it an evening.  Time to head back to Boca Raton for the night!

Posted by Abbey Grobe, animal health