After breakfast we headed off to the island (Warderick Wells) to learn more about the terrestrial plants of the Bahamas and island formation. We played in the water at Emerald Bay and then headed to the park headquarters for a look around. After traveling a short distance to Brad’s Reef, we collected data for our projects on a reef located within the park. Cambridge Cay was our next destination at the south end of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. We snorkeled a reef in Cambridge Cove covered with live elkhorn coral. While on the reef we identified and tallied fish species found on this reef for the REEF organization. After dinner we hopped back in the water for our first experience for a night snorkel. The long-spined urchins were there to great us as we made our way up to the reef. All exhausted from a long day, we headed off to our beds.