Tique is doing well, says Ken Ramirez, executive vice president of animal programs and training. After she lost her week-old calf on June 9, Tique spent a quiet week with Kri, another of Shedd’s original female Pacific white-sided dolphins, off exhibit.

Tique has been eating well, swimming with Kri and enjoying interactions with the trainers. Last Friday, Katrl and Ohana, our other dolphins, joined Tique and Kri in Secluded Bay. You can once again see them in the underwater viewing area; the upper portion of the habitat is scheduled to reopen this week. All four dolphins will stay in Secluded Bay for another week or two, taking a hiatus from the aquatic show. 

While the dolphins are R&Ring, you have the unique opportunity to see an all-beluga aquatic show. Ken says the lineup changes daily, and sometimes from show to show, so you might see anywhere from three to all eight belugas—including 1½-year-old Nunavik, who is practicing his spitting skills.  

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes to Tique and to our animal care team. Your support has meant a lot to us. 

Posted by Karen Furnweger, web editor