sustainable seafoodEarth’s water systems, like the oceans and Great Lakes, give us life. In 2013, consider giving something back by choosing sustainable seafood – fish that are abundant, well managed, and caught or farmed in environmentally friendly ways. This is one of the easiest and most delicious actions we can take to protect the health of our waters worldwide. Shedd Aquarium makes it easy to choose sustainable seafood with our Right Bite program. 

Right Bite Wallet Cards
Become a sustainable seafood expert by using Shedd’s Right Bite wallet card. The wallet card is a simple, color-coded tool that rates popular seafood items in three sustainability categories: best choices, good alternatives, or avoid. Simply download a Right Bite wallet card, keep the card handy, and use it when choosing seafood.

Fish of the Month
Each month, Shedd highlights a sustainable Fish of the Month, offering information about the item, providing online recipes for home-cooked meals, and airing a new Cooking the Right Bite Way video
for aspiring home chefs. These simple, tasty recipes are perfect for families with children or anyone looking to dive into sustainable seafood. Check out our collection of fun culinary videos, recipes, and blogs.

Right Bite Partners
Shedd proudly partners with Chicago-area restaurants, retailers, caterers, purveyors, and culinary schools to build demand for sustainable seafood in the Midwest. Right Bite partners receive staff training provided by Shedd experts. In return, they pledge to offer at least two sustainable seafood options at all times and, if applicable, to permanently remove at least one unsustainable choice. Together, Shedd and its sustainable seafood partners find and promote high-quality, environmentally friendly seafood.

Eating fish is good for you, and eating the right fish is good for our planet. Here’s to a happy (and delicious) 2013!

—Sam Bugg, Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research