Green sea turtleToday is World Sea Turtle Day! While it’s a great day to celebrate these ancient mariners, who’ve been around for 180 million years, there’s nothing to celebrate about the fact that six of the world’s seven sea turtle species are in danger of extinction in this century.

That includes green sea turtles like Nickel, who marks her 10th anniversary in the Caribbean Reef next month. Nickel was nearly a fatality from a motorboat collision. But one of the biggest threats to sea turtles is entrapment in bottom-trawling shrimp nets, which drown these air-breathers. Responsible U.S. fishermen equip their trawls with turtle excluder devices—essentially escape hatches—that let turtles out without a loss of the targeted catch. So we can make a difference for sea turtles through our seafood choices. Check out Shedd’s Right Bite card for a convenient, compact guide to sustainably caught seafood, including shrimp—good for you and good for sea turtles. Let’s keep World Sea Turtle Day a celebration long into the future! 

Karen Furnweger, web editor