What’s a day-in-the-life of a Shedd intern look like? Well, that depends on your specialty. Whether analyzing water quality in the lab, or preparing food for the belugas or cownose rays, all of Shedd’s work is rooted in sustainable practices. Last Wednesday, Shedd’s interns learned about Shedd’s efforts to protect the Great Lakes and being green at the aquarium, from watchful waste management to energy-saving solar panels.

solar panels










Shedd’s Right Bite partner FIG Catering, supplied a deliciously sustainable breakfast, including homemade granola bars, fresh fruit and homemade bagels with a “figgy fruit spread.”

Group of sweepers










Charged up on the sustainability wave, we put theory into practice at 12th Street Beach. United Airlines, a generous funder of our Great Lakes program, powered through the cleanup with our interns. What was the most common item? This time, plastic straw wrappers were reported at the top of the list. Plastics are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to marine debris, because they don’t biodegrade and often cause direct harm to wildlife.











You can show your support for healthy lakes, too. Join a Great Lakes Action Day by contacting Reid Bogert at rbogert@sheddaquarium.org. Your actions can make a difference!