Kendelle College DemonstrationLast Saturday, Shedd and Kendall College School of Culinary Arts held the second of four sustainable seafood cooking demonstrations this year. Three Kendall culinary students, Roma Patel, Si Wei and Yiming Feng, set up in the Oceans gallery and showed aquarium guests how to cook up a tasty Alaska pink salmon filet.

Kendele College DemonstrationWhile waiting for the salmon to sear, Roma shared some key cooking tips for working with fish. First, it is important to always work with a hot pan to help prevent the fish from sticking. Second, when working with a thicker piece of fish it can often be difficult to cook the entire piece on a skillet — finishing the fish in the oven after searing both sides will do the trick!

Kendele College DemonstrationFollowing the demonstration guests were able to taste a fantastic spiced Alaska pink salmon with a mango salsa on top of a bed of orange cous cous and garlic kale, a recipe created by Roma, Si and Yiming. You can try the recipe at home!






Kendele College DemonstrationAlaska pink salmon comes from a very well-managed and sustainable fishery in Alaska and is a Right Bite “best choice.” For other “best choice” recommendations and seafood recipes check out our Right Bite web page.