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  • Creating Polar Play Zone at Shedd

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    For the top-to-bottom Oceanarium renovation, Kris Nesbitt, senior exhibit designer, and Kara Kotwas, senior graphic designer, saw the underwater viewing gallery as a blank canvas on which to create a universally accessible permanent exhibit where “all children can find something to do.”

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  • 60 oval chameleon eggs

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    Aquarists thought that Leif, a Meller’s chameleon on view in Waters of the World, was just gaining weight. Then a series of X-rays revealed that she was full of developing eggs – so full, in fact, that “she looked like a gumball machine,” says senior aquarist Stacy Wozniak.

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  • Fantasea is a "must sea!"

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    The reviews are in and Fantasea is a "must sea!"

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