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  • Saving sea turtles

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    The generally sunny and warm Florida climate has undergone a severe cold stunning event, which has stranded over 3,500 sea turtles across the state’s coast in a very short period of time. 

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  • Why Shedd promotes sustainable seafood

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    As the sustainable seafood educator for Shedd Aquarium, I promote consumer awareness for how our dietary choices can impact the health of our waters worldwide, and there is a question that pops up from time to time:  “Wait a second! Why is an aquarium talking to us about seafood?!”

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  • Beluga baby in the news

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    Check out news coverage of Shedd's newest beluga whale:

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    Looking for some local sustainable seafood recipes? Enjoy these two classic Great Lakes favorites: lake white fish and yellow perch.

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  • Blackhawks and beluga whales

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    Chicago Blackhawks Troy Brouwer and Colin Fraser and four lucky contest winners enjoy a Shedd beluga encounter.

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