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  • Cephalopods Inspire High-Tech Camo

    If you’re going to copy something, copy from the best. That’s what scientists at the University of Illinois did when they studied those quick-color-change artists, octopuses and their kin, to develop a camouflage material that can sense and adapt to the color of its surroundings.

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  • Great Lakes Action Days this September!

    September has been a huge month for Great Lakes Action Days, and hasn’t it gone fast!

    To catch you up, here are a few stories about our beach-cleaning, habitat-restoring, Great Lakes-loving friends and activities. Thank you to all our volunteers who make this work meaningful and possible!

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  • Putting Seahorses on the Map

    Jennifer Selgrath is a PhD candidate with Shedd’s conservation partner Project Seahorse. She is studying at the University of British Columbia. During her time in the Philippines, she was also a Fulbright Scholar. This blog is based on a presentation she recently gave at Shedd.

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  • Babies on Board

    Mimic poison dart frogs are the epitome of the model nuclear family. The male and female pair in a lifelong monogamous relationship, and both parents share extended tadpole-rearing responsibilities in a quiet subdivision away from the perils of the Peruvian rainforest floor. All that’s missing is the station wagon. Instead, Dad carts the kids around on his back.

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  • World Water Week

    Water—the most important compound on the planet. This week hundreds of scientists and officials are discussing the links between water and energy at World Water Week in Stockholm.  At Shedd Aquarium, however, every week really is “water week.” 

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