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  • Feeding Our Family, Protecting the Oceans Another Reason #YouOtterGive on #GivingTuesday

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    Feeding the family is certainly top of mind at Shedd Aquarium: Our 32,000 animal residents have big appetites! Seafood is a hot commodity for most of Shedd’s aquatic residents, and we go through a lot of it on an annual basis.

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  • Five Reasons Why #YouOtterGive on #GivingTuesday

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    Shedd’s five sea otters gobble 25,000 pounds—that’s 12½ tons—of restaurant-quality sustainable seafood every year, including 10,000 pounds of sustainably farmed shrimp. That comes out to a food budget of $20,000—for each otter. The whole bill is more than it costs to feed the belugas, dolphins and sea lions combined.

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  • This Rescued Pup is a Peach

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    Welcome Shedd’s newest dog, Peach. Judging from the 10-month-old, 20-pound pup’s face and ears the marine mammals trainers think the terrier mix has a good dose of dachshund in her family background, too.

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