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  • Rapid Response: Yes, We’ll Help

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    Shedd trainer Kurt Heizmann was cheered by the snuggly pileups of recovering sea lion pups, each with identifying swooshes of color on its head, as he assisted at the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute. These animals were going to make it, and he had helped give them that second chance.

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  • Amphibian Love Calls Say It's Spring

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    Frog breeding season has begun. If you’re lucky enough to live near a big park with a clean pond or within walking distance of one of our great Cook County forest preserves, for the next few months  you might hear a sampling of spring’s greatest love songs. 

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  • Tarantula Is a Treat to Meet

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    On any day, you might see a trio of tarantulas in the Amazon Rising exhibit: the ambush-hunting goliath bird-eater, the defensive Venezuelan suntiger and the easily perturbed Ecuadorian purple pinktoe.

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