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  • Take a Date to Shedd

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    Looking for the perfect place to make a splash on your next romantic outing? Dive into an unforgettable date at Shedd Aquarium!

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  • Michelle Sattler and Sea Turtle Nickel

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    When animal collections manager Michelle Sattler mentions that she works at Shedd, the first response is, “Oh, where Nickel is.”

    “She’s quite famous,” Michelle says of the rehabilitated green sea turtle, star of the Caribbean Reef habitat and one of the animals she happens to care for. 

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  • Jessica Whiton and Beluga Whale Kayavak

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    Jessica Whiton’s relationship with Kayavak goes back to Aug. 3, 1999—the day the beluga whale was born. The assistant supervisor of marine mammals says, “She was the first successful beluga birth at Shedd. I’d only been here three years at that time, so it was pretty exciting for me.”

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  • Zoë Hagberg and Amazon Milk Frog Tadpoles

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    Just a year ago—on Feb. 9—the Amazon milk frogs provided Zoë with her first chance to raise tadpoles. “I was very nervous,” she admits. Soon after the frogs were placed in the special exhibit, Zoe had observed nonstop amplexus, or frog mating behavior. “They’re not shy!” she says.

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  • Lana Vanagasem, Sea Otter Mari and Penguin Charlotte

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    Lana Vanagasem wears many hats as Shedd’s manager of penguins, sea otters and dogs. But she counts two special relationships with animals she had the rare opportunity to raise from infancy.

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