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  • Iguana Saga: A Conservation Quest in the Bahamas

    We’ve been trekking over jagged rock and mangrove roots in the sweltering Bahamian heat for more than an hour. It’s almost noon, and like the sun, the temperature is hitting its peak. The unforgiving terrain has already claimed one of our nets and a shoe from a member of the group. Some of us have stopped to survey the area before moving on over jagged, ankle-twisting holes hidden by brush and fallen leaves. 

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  • Unbelievable parrotfishes live here

    If you’ve ever enjoyed digging your toes into the fine white sand of a tropical beach, you have parrotfishes to thank.

    These relatives of wrasses use their unique beaklike fused teeth—from which they get their common name—to scrape algae from corals. At the same time, parrotfishes also munch and crunch bits of stony coral skeleton. An additional set of molarlike teeth in their throats pulverizes the coral and the nutrients are digested. 

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  • A New Aquarium Conservation Partnership

    Every year, 8.8 million tons of plastic pollution enter our oceans. This tide of trash is overwhelming the animals that call aquatic habitats home, with dire results for species such as seabirds, sea otters and sea turtles.

    The solution is in our hands. By making better choices about the plastics we use, we can all ensure that our future oceans have more fish than plastic.

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