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Plastic bottles washed up on a rocky beach in the Bahamas are coated in a fine layer of salt but show no sign of degrading.

Prevent plastic pollution

More than 22 million pounds of plastic enter the Great Lakes every year, threatening the sunny beaches and soaring seabirds we love. Shedd is walking the talk by cutting our use of plastic and committing to moving our entire operation toward zero waste. Join us by taking a small step with a big impact: help keep single-use plastic out of the Great Lakes.

Let's Shedd Plastic

A shark swims near a Shedd research expedition in the Caribbean.

Keep Sharks Swimming

Sharks are vital to maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems, but these magnificent predators are under threat of extinction from climate change, overfishing and other human impacts. Take action today to Keep Sharks Swimming.

Keep Sharks Swimming

A woman working on coastal habitat restoration in a field.

Shedd Aquarium Action Days

Make a difference for our local habitats! Join a Shedd Aquarium Action Day and spend a day outdoors, cleaning beaches and restoring lakeshore and forest preserve habitats. You’ll help animals from frogs to fishes and have fun doing it!

Join a Shedd Aquarium Action Day

Kayakers on the Chicago river with the skyline in the background.

Kayak for Conservation

Join us to paddle the Chicago River guided by a Shedd nature expert. These eco-kayak tours offer you the opportunity to look nature in the eye and learn about innovative efforts to improve the health of the Chicago River for wildlife — and how you can be involved — all while taking in the beauty of our city.

Kayak with Shedd

Colorfully-seasoned oysters are displayed on a dish of ice atop a red checkered tablecloth.

Sustainable seafood

Animals and people alike rely on a healthy ocean, rivers and lakes. Choosing sustainably sourced seafood is one of the most direct actions you can take to help the wild counterparts of the animals that live at Shedd and to protect the health of our waterways.

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