Open 9 pm - 6 pm
Temporarily closed but virtual programs are still open!
Cownose rays' mouths are on the underside of their bodies-- so that every meal is a surprise!
Moray eels have a thin coating of yellow mucus on their bodies that makes them appear a vivid green color.

Science Tech Treks are innovative field trip experiences where students take on the role of a scientist, using tablets to interact with and collect data on animals and their habitats.

(Aligned to 1st Grade standards.)

Key Concepts: animal defenses, structure and function of adaptive body parts, animal care

Skills: observations, cause and effect, communicating scientific ideas


Program includes: 

  • Moving and standing for up to 1 hour 
  • Sitting on the floor for activities; chairs and tables are available 
  • Moving around the aquarium, which has varying light, noise and temperature levels 
  • Students may experience an animal encounter with a turtle, tortoise, or hermit crab. 
  • Facilitators will be using portable voice amplification
  • Viewing a tablet screen with videos/images and the use of headphones.

We believe there should be no boundaries to your Shedd Aquarium experience. If you have an accommodation request related to a disability, please contact us at [email protected] or 312-939-2438. We look forward to assisting you.


$95 per program

Class Size

Up to 30 students


50 minutes