We are closed to the public through April 30.

Our experts highlight amazing animal adaptations in a live setting, sharing how a variety of aquatic species are uniquely equipped to thrive in nature. Guests leave with a greater understanding of animal anatomy and what we learn from animals every day―at Shedd and in the wild.

Alert: the aquatic presentation contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for people who experience migraines, have epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Viewer discretion advised.

You must separately reserve your free aquatic presentation tickets at one of the North Lobby kiosks in front of Soundings Café on the day of your visit.

Aquatic Presentation Accessibility

At Shedd, we believe there should be no boundaries to your experience. See accessible resources available for the aquatic presentation.

  • A trainer holds a red tailed hawk on an outstretched arm during an aquatic presentation.
  • Pacific white-sided dolphins can jump to prodigious heights during Shedd's Aquatic Presentation.
  • Trainer Gretchen sits in ankle-deep water working with a beluga whale.
  • Two magellanic penguins are showns with their stubby wings extended for balance and their chests puffed up as they waddle along the pebbled oceanarium walkway during an aquatic presentation.
  • A trainer and sea lion wave at guests during an aquatic presentation from a perch atop a rock in Whale Harbor.