A "Fin-tastic" Birthday Livestream for Kukdlaa!

To celebrate a year of milestones and growth, we're hosting a livestream in the Abbott Oceanarium to give you a glance into the life of our newest Pacific white-sided dolphin calf, Kukdlaa (KOOK-dlah), born on April 18, 2016!

This livestream is of one of our observation rooms, so you might see and hear Shedd staff throughout the day.

Don't see anything? During certain times of the day, we close our curtains, which might make the video too dark to see. Please check back later in the day for a better view!

Throughout his first year, Kukdlaa has built relationships with the other Pacific white-sided dolphins in addition to our expert animal care staff. Kukdlaa has mastered basic building-block behaviors, and reached six out of seven critical milestones. Since his birth, Kukdlaa has bonded with his mom, Katrl, learned to nurse, grown in length and weight, discovered fish, and is still working on weaning as he currently eats seven pounds of capelin and herring each day, in addition to nursing. But his most impressive milestone to date is his first birthday, of course! 

Join us in wishing Kukdlaa a happy first birthday!

Watch Kukdlaa's birth on YouTube!


Plan a visit to Shedd to wish Kukdlaa "happy birthday" in person!

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