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🐧 Give a Penguin Gift 🐧

Whether showing your pride for the LGBTQ+ community or for Chicago, these penguin-themed merchandise items make the perfect gifts for you or someone you care about!

Every item you find in our store is inspired by aquatic animals or the places they call home. Not only do you support us when you shop, you also help support our commitment to conservation and taking action for animals at the aquarium and in wild habitats around the world.


🐧 Meet the Penguins 🐧

Know someone who loves penguins? Give them a penguin experience they will never forget! From in-person encounters to virtual messages—give the perfect gift!

  1. Penguin Encounter: From Wellington to Izzy and Darwin, meet a penguin up close and personal while you learn about their anatomy, adaptations, and ask our experts questions live!
  2. Virtual Penguin Encounter: Experience a live virtual visit with the penguins that call Shedd home from your home!
  3. Virtual Penguin Video Messages: Do something special for the next birthday on your list by sending a penguin video message. 

🐧 Follow the Penguin Adventures 🐧

An illustration of a rockhopper penguin walking over the Shedd Aquarium visitor's map.

Start planning your next adventure to Shedd and download our new penguin adventure map for your visit! As you wander through the aquatic animal world. follow the footsteps of Wellington and his friends and discover all the places these penguin wanderers have explored throughout Shedd and beyond!

Choose your journey. Will you explore where it all began in Amazon Rising? Visit the toothy piranhas and freshwater giants? Or will you waddle to Caribbean Reef and take a tropical trip like Edward and Annie? Get tickets and plan your adventure today!