January 1, 2018 is the last day to visit Amphibians! Be sure to explore this special exhibit before it closes to make way for our next exciting exhibit.

More than 40 species of frogs, toads, salamanders and caecilians are swimming, hopping, climbing and hiding in our Amphibians special exhibit. Play a real-life game of hide-and-seek as you look for masters of disguise that hide in plain sight against bark, leaves and light-dappled shadows.

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Firebelly newt

In the exhibit: From frogs to salamanders, get to know the animals in Amphibians.

AxolotlAmphibians defined: What exactly is an amphibian? The answers might surprise you.

Green tree frogConserve amphibians: Shedd is helping amphibians, and you can too.

Yellow-headed poison dart frogAmphibian stories: Check out these blogs about some of the amphibians you can see at Shedd right now.


Shedd is able to bring the story of amphibians to life thanks to these donors.