Amphibian Stories

Explore your amphibiphilia (love of amphibians) by checking out these “ribbiting” blogs about some of the frogs and salamanders you can see at Shedd right now. We’ll continue to share updates about the animals, the people who care for them and the conservation measures we can all take to protect them.

Amphibian Love Calls Say It's Spring

Wood FrogFrog breeding season has begun. If you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of one of our great Cook County forest preserves, for the next few months you might hear a sampling of spring’s greatest love songs. Read more.

How I Care for Amphibians

Dr. Caryn PollVeterinary care of the animals in the Amphibians special exhibit began long before they got here. Learn how Dr. Caryn Poll tends to their health.
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The Making of Amphibians

The Making of AmphibiansIt takes an entire aquarium to make a special exhibit possible. The role of the exhibit design team is to use a physical environment to tell stories about the animals. See how the Amphibians exhibit became what it is today. Read more.

Amphibian or Reptile: Here's the Difference

Tiger SalamanderAmphibians and reptiles might seem similar—low to the ground, often in water, and not warm or fuzzy—but these two distinct groups exhibit striking differences in the three Bs: body, breeding and behavior. Read more.

"Ice Mudpuppying" on Wolf Lake

Ice MudpuppyMudpuppies were once abundant in the Chicago area. Today, however, mudpuppies are in decline throughout the Great Lakes region. In 2012, they were listed as threatened in Illinois. By learning more about the current population and habits of mudpuppies, we hope to assist in their conservation. Read more.