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Special events and special rates

In addition to any dates listed below, parking at the Soldier Field north garage can be the special-event rate of $25, payable on entry with credit card or cash, on any day without notice.

Sept. 14 through Nov. 16, Saturdays at 9 a.m. and Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. Fall bridge lifts. When incoming sailboats are present at these times, the Lake Shore Drive bridge over the Chicago River will be raised. Because of construction on the LSD bridge, the lift here could take as long as 45 minutes, so CDOT will route traffic off LSD in both directions beginning at the start time. Expect LSD traffic to back up quickly as shorter bridge lifts, estimated at eight to 12 minutes, progress up the main stem (Columbus, Michigan, Wabash, etc.). Please plan your drive to Shedd on southbound LSD accordingly. The day before the Wednesday or Saturday you want to visit, you can check the city's schedule to see if the lift that day is confirmed. Also watch for signs on southbound LSD and exit at Michigan or Illinois if necessary. If you do have to sit out a bridge lift, please turn off your car's engine to help keep our air and water cleaner.

Friday, Sept. 20. Northerly Island evening concert. The parking fee for the Soldier Field north garage goes up to $50 around noon. Expect increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic from late afternoon on along with possible street closures. Also, a midday charity walk might affect traffic exiting Lake Shore Drive from 18th. Watch for signs. Shuttle buses ferrying walkers to and from Soldier Field add to general traffic.

Saturday, Sept. 21. If you're arriving between 9 and  10 a.m., a charity walk starting at Soldier Field and heading south might affect access to the Museum Campus at 18th Street. Watch for traffic signs. 

Sunday, Sept. 29. Bears game at 3:25. Parking at the Soldier Field north garage will be $50 all day. See FAQs below for more parking and traffic info. If you can, take public transportation.

Sunday, Oct. 6. Parking will be $50 until at least 2 p.m. because of an afternoon soccer game at Soldier Field. The entry price might go down to $25 once the game is underway. Expect a lot of people and cars on the Museum Campus. You might experience the same security measures, including metal detector sweeps of your car, as on Bears game days. Public transportation might be the best way to get here.

Shedd drop off area with people walking on side walks with aquarium on the right and the skyline in the background.
An overhead map of the museum campus with parking, bus stops and pedestrian paths highlighted.

Parking FAQs