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Pacific white-sided dolphin Sagu with head above the water at Shedd Aquarium

Dolphins - Abbott Oceanarium

These aquatic athletes have spectacular senses and can leap up to 20 feet in the air.

Beluga whale Beethoven looks out of the water at Shedd Aquarium.

Belugas - Abbott Oceanarium

Meet the whales in Shedd’s beluga pod, from youngster Kimalu to 2,100-pound male Aurek!

A shark swims in the Wild Reef exhibit at Shedd Aquarium.

Sharks - Wild Reef

See which shark species are swimming in the reef—and how our aquarists keep them all fed!

A rockhopper penguin stretches its narrow wings wide and cranes its head around to look at a photographer.

Penguins - Polar Play Zone

Hear the chatter in Shedd’s Magellanic and rockhopper penguin colonies.

A giant Pacific octopus with eight arms covered in round, grasping suckers spread out to feel its habitat.

Octopus - Oceans

Three hearts pumping blue blood? Meet the giant Pacific octopus!

A sea lion opens its long snout wide to emit a loud, deep "bark".

Sea Lions - Abbott Oceanarium

Cruz, Biff and Laguna—this powerful pride has found a lifetime home at Shedd.

Close up, a Barbour's seahorse's long, tubular nose and large, bulbous eyes look comical and alien.

Seahorse - Oceans

Graceful and unique, these camouflaged predators are poised to ambush prey.

Flower Hat Jellies in Underwater Beauty

Sea Jellies - Underwater Beauty

Shedd’s jellies go with the flow—and pack a sizable sting.

Nickel the green sea turtle, her long front fins swept wide, swims in Caribbean Reef at Shedd Aquarium.

Caribbean Reef

Meet one of Shedd’s most famous rescues, green sea turtle Nickel.