Jazzin' Science Pub

Jazzin’ at the Shedd hits a high note with Jazzin’ science pubs. Once a month through October, meet a Shedd scientist or take in a lively panel discussion in an informal setting where you can relax, enjoy a beverage and quench your curiosity about the aquatic world. Science pubs take place from 7 to 7:30 p.m. Locations vary.

July 25, Shark science
Shedd shark scientist Steve Kessel, Ph.D., will discuss his current conservation research project in the Bahamas and Shedd’s conservation campaign, Keep Sharks Swimming. Afterward, cruise the aquarium and let our knowledgeable volunteers introduce you to sleek blacktip reef sharks, low-profile wobbegongs, compact bonnetheads and more.

Aug. 15, Women in science
Join us for a panel of women at Shedd who use science every day to support Shedd’s mission: sparking curiosity, compassion and conservation for the aquatic animal world. Hear about cutting-edge animal care science at Shedd and beyond. They’ll share their recommendations for women interested in the sciences, and each will offer a close-up look at what it’s like to be the scientist herself.

Sept. 12, Tortoise rescue in Madagascar
When more than 10,000 radiated tortoises were discovered in inhumane conditions in Madagascar, victims of wildlife poachers, members of Shedd’s Animal Response Team traveled halfway around the world to help nurse the critically endangered reptiles back to health. Veterinarian Matt O’Connor, veterinary technologist Rachel Parchem and husbandry expert Michael Yuratovac share their experiences from this dramatic rescue effort.

Oct. 3, African Americans in science at Shedd
Hear about the work of African Americans at Shedd who use science to advance our mission every day. Animal care expert John Rex Mitchell brings guests face-to-face with animals from all over the world. Ashleigh Braggs is an expert at science communication, connecting our guests to Shedd’s animal residents through exhibits and experiences. Brandon Pope designs and delivers learning experiences to inspire people of all ages to love science. This panel will be hosted by Jo-Elle Mogerman, Ph.D., vice president of learning and community. John Rex will also bring a special guest from one of Shedd’s habitats!

Oct. 10, Aquatic animal trivia
What is the heaviest animal in the ocean? What kind of fish is Nemo? How many eyes does a clam have? Grab your friends and test your knowledge of aquatic life! Show off what you know and learn some fun facts along the way. The winner of this free 45-minute trivia competition will receive an aquatic-themed prize.