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Travel the world with Shedd Aquarium! Our custom-designed Shedd Adventures cater to your love of nature and the outdoors, your curiosity about wildlife and wild places, and your quest for a meaningful travel experience.

Two features set Shedd Adventures apart: The trips focus on animals and regions of the world that have intrigued and inspired you during aquarium visits, offering you deeper connections. And they are led by Shedd experts who are well-versed and well-traveled in the pristine ecosystems you’ll explore.

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Shannon Fuller
Travel programs manager


BelugaQuébec and Tadoussac: Great Whales of Canada Up Close
August 1-5, 2018
Enjoy a whale watching experience amidst Québec’s French charm and beauty! 

GalapagosGalapagos: Experience Evolution under the Surface
August 31-September 8, 2018
One fixed queen cabin available!
Dive with the largest whale sharks in the world alongside leading shark experts.

IguanaIguana Research Expedition
May 31-June 10, 2018
September 1-9, 2018
10 days searching island interiors for iguanas and collecting crucial data with Shedd experts.

Sea turtle

Sea Turtles to Volcanoes: Exploring Pacific Nicaragua
December 1-8, 2018
Explore the wild and beautiful Pacific coast of Nicaragua, from sandy beaches and mangrove estuaries to dry forest

Diver in the Maldives looks at an anemone

Dive the Mesmerizing Maldives
February 23-March 3, 2019
Enjoy up to 17 dives in the best of the Maldives: Male and Ari Atolls while swimming among sharks, manta rays, schooling fishes.