Shedd Audio Guides

Dive deeper into some of your favorite habitats at Shedd! Our free audio guides share everything you’d want to know about some of the aquarium’s most memorable species, from a beluga whale “who’s who” to the amazing rescue story of green sea turtle Nickel. Download and listen now or during your visit!

These aquatic athletes have spectacular senses and can leap up to 20 feet in the air.

Meet the whales in Shedd’s beluga pod, from youngster Kimalu to 2,100-pound male Aurek!

Sea Otters
From Ellie to Mari, these adorable rescues highlight our commitment to care.

See which shark species are swimming in the reef—and how our aquarists keep them all fed!

Hear the chatter in Shedd’s Magellanic and rockhopper penguin colonies.

Three hearts pumping blue blood? Meet the giant Pacific octopus!

Sea Lions
Cruz, Biff, Tanner and Laguna—this powerful pride has found a lifetime home at Shedd.

Graceful and unique, these camouflaged predators are poised to ambush prey.

Sea Jellies
Shedd’s jellies go with the flow—and pack a sizable sting.

Caribbean Reef
Meet one of Shedd’s most famous rescues, green sea turtle Nickel.

Amazon Rising
Hear how anacondas, arapaima and electric eels are adapted to their rainforest homes.