Shedd Spotlight: Top Videos and Stories

Looking for some animal fun? Check out some of our favorite videos and blogs from across the aquarium. Then plan your next visit to Shedd to start making stories of your own!

Shedd Gets Its Groove On

Shedd is excited to be competing in the 5th annual international "Museum Dance Off"! But we need your help. Check out our new video above and then keep an eye on this page next week for a link to voting on April 26. Every vote counts!

A Look Inside a Pregnant Seahorse

A few years ago, the Shedd Aquarium Animal Health team took a video with an endoscope of sea horse babies inside this male’s pouch as part of an exam. In the animal world, seahorse males are the ones who get pregnant. The female lays her eggs in his pouch, where he fertilizes them and carries the developing young until they hatch. Then he gives birth in an explosion of tiny but fully formed seahorses! You can learn more about Shedd's research with seahorses here! >

Meet the Sea Lions at Shedd

Sea Lions at Shedd

On an Abbott Oceanarium visit, you might see California sea lions Laguna, Cruz and Ty zooming around Grainger Sea Lion Cove or, as above, piled up for a nap. Even when you can’t see them, you can hear these aquatic predators throughout the Pacific Northwest exhibit when they start vocalizing—and living up to their common name. Read our blog to figure out who’s whom among Shedd’s four sea lions! > 

When You Give an Octopus a GoPro...

Shedd aquarist Eve handed off a GoPro to our giant Pacific octopus, Rizzo, for some enrichment and got a unique look at her perspective! Dive into this view from the water. Did you know an octopus has about 2240 suckers on its 8 arms? Learn more on our Octopus Facts page! >


Take a look at Shedd's animal hospital for a behind-the-scenes check-up with our penguins! Preventive care is an important part of overall animal health at Shedd, so we're giving you a peek into the process! You can visit Shedd's animal hospital on a Behind-the-Scenes Tour. Reserve a tour today! >