Shedd Spotlight: Top Videos and Stories

Looking for animal fun? Check out our current favorite videos and blogs from across the aquarium. Then plan your next visit to Shedd to start making stories of your own!

Ultrasound with Beluga Whale Mauyak

Every two weeks, we perform an ultrasound exam to check on Mauyak and to track her calf's growth. We're happy to report that mom and calf look healthy! The calf is due this summer. Learn more about Mauyak's pregnancy> 

Training with Sea Lion Cruz

Rescued sea lion Cruz is blind, but that doesn’t keep him from training like the other animals! Our experts have built a program based on sound, touch and, most important, trust. Cruz responds to rattles, whistles and voice and tactile cues as he takes part in training—and participates in his own health care. Learn more about Cruz and Shedd's other sea lions on our blog >


Shedd's otters celebrated a snow day as animal care experts brought fresh snow into the Regenstein Sea Otter Habitat. The sea otters were spotted running, jumping, sliding and rolling in the white stuff. You can learn more about our otters in our "Meet the Sea Otters" blog! >

Snacktime with Tyson, Shedd's prehensile-tailed porcupine

Porcupines get treats too! Tyson, Shedd’s prehensile-tailed porcupine, is a gentle and curious animal from the Amazon rainforest. You can meet him during some of our animal experiences in Amazon Rising. You'll deepen your connection to our animals as you look nature—and Tyson—in the eye.