One Small Step to Help Animals

See 3 reasons to #SheddTheStraw with our special infographic!

Want to know how you can help the planet? #SheddTheStraw to protect our waters and the animals that call them home!

A single plastic straw might not seem like much, but the 500 million straws Americans use every day add up to a big problem for our oceans, lakes and rivers. These single-use plastics never disappear—and they harm the animals that call our waters home.

You can help. Say no to single-use plastic straws and switch to reusable or compostable alternatives. Take the plastic pledge with Shedd—and share your commitment on social with #SheddTheStraw—to make a difference for the planet we all share.

Learn more about the problems—and solutions—for single-use plastics at Shedd’s blog.

How can you help?

Midas Cichlid
#SheddTheStraw to protect our waters and the animals that call them home!

Small frog in the palm of someone's hand
Become a restaurant or business Shedd the Straw collaborator

Family on beach
Join a beach cleanup on an upcoming Shedd Great Lakes Action Day.

Sea Otter
Pledge to act with Shedd
 as a Sheddvocate!

Blossom Jelly Sculpture for Washed Ashore
Visit Shedd
—and check out the traveling exhibit Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea