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The unprecedented challenge of climate change impacts the ocean’s temperatures, water levels, ice coverage, and even its concentration of salt. Just one small change casts ripple effects on animals that depend on the ocean to survive. Let’s take a closer look at what happens to animals like walrus when just one link dissolves.

An infographic visually depicting the relationship between shrinking ice floes and overcrowding in walrus populations on beaches.
  1. Walrus depend on sea ice, where they rest between hunting dives.
  2. As our warming planet melts sea ice, walrus must rest on land instead of sea ice.
  3. Instead of spreading out in the ocean, tens of thousands of walrus are forced together on land.
  4. Too many walrus and not enough land can lead to stampedes that can crush and kill young walrus.

These cascading effects of climate change are the reason we need your voice and your actions today. Together, we can make waves for our ocean.