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Plastic, be gone! How you can help Chicago restaurants and businesses reduce plastic use

Food from your favorite restaurant that arrives packaged in plastic or is accompanied by a plethora of plastic condiment cups and cutlery can detract from the dining experience, especially if you realize that this one meal will have lasting impacts on the environment long after you finish your food and toss the plate in the trash.

At Shedd Aquarium, we believe in the power of collective action and of people, businesses and communities to help drive larger change to rectify the overuse of plastic. Our Let’s Shedd Plastic program encourages restaurants, communities and individuals to reconsider their use of single-use, disposable plastic food packaging—from straws to cutlery to takeout boxes and beyond—and to adopt sustainable solutions.

Beautiful sushi rolls are arranged on a metal plate.

This month, consider two ways you can support Chicago restaurants making a difference for the planet.

  1. Support restaurants that are doing the right things. Visit any of our restaurant partners participating in Chicago Restaurant Week, which runs through April 10. Visit Majani for some soul food-inspired vegan fare or Split-Rail for some Americana classics.
  2. Help increase the number of restaurants going plastic-free. Nominate your favorite restaurant to join Let’s Shedd Plastic at