The Board of Trustees of the John G. Shedd Aquarium cordially invites you to Metamorphosis. Experience a transformational evening as we celebrate amphibians, masters of amazing change. On this night, we explore what makes them special and why amphibians here and around the world urgently need our help.

evening highlights

  • 6:00 p.m. Pick your Poison (Dart Frog)
    • Jump into the new special exhibit, Amphibians, hop along the walkway of the Abbott Oceanarium, or find a lilypad-like lounge to enjoy the city skyline view from the North Terrace during cocktail hour.
  • 7:15 p.m. A Ribbiting Presentation
    • Watch an aquatic show with the dolphins, beluga whales and other favorite animals of the Abbott Oceanarium.
  • 8:00 p.m. Toadally Delicious Dining
    • Enjoy dinner around the Caribbean Reef, in the galleries and in the foyer. Look up for amphibians in the architecture! (Hint: Look up to check the time on the rotunda clock.)
  • 9:00 p.m. Hop to It
    • Dance the night away to the sounds of Gentlemen of Leisure!

2015 gala sponsors


  • SF Foundation

  • William Blair


  • AbbVie
  • Dover
  • Annie and Greg Jones, Andi and Jim Gordon, The Edgewaterfund
  • J.P. Morgan, Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly
  • J.B. and M.K. Pritzker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith
  • Gaye Hill/Jeff Urbina
  • Walgreens

Abbvie       Dover       Dover       Walgreens


  • Exelon
  • The Joseph and Bessie
  • Feinberg Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frain
  • Larry and Beth Gies
  • Kathryn and John Gilbertson
  • Kym Hubbard, Ernst & Young
  • ITW
  • Susan and Dick Kiphart
  • Deneese and Matthew Levin
  • Bob and Anna Livingston
  • McDonald’s Corporation
  • The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation
  • Rodd Schreiber and Susan
  • Hassan Schreiber, Skadden
  • Toyota


  • ArcelorMittal
  • Bell & Anderson LLC
  • Bergstrom Foundation
  • Amy and Paul Carbone
  • CityPASS
  • Kent and Liz Dauten
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Erwin
  • Event Network
  • GATX
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. King,
  • KeyBanc Capital Markets
  • Cary and Tara Kochman, Citi
  • David and Lesly Koo
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Nancy S. Searle
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Nancy S. Searle
  • Simex-Iwerks Entertainment

Official Airline   United

Media Sponsor   Make It Better

Catering and service provided, in part, by Sodexo.

Listing includes contributors whose gifts were received by 04/09/2015.

Amphibians exhibit contributors

Special Exhibit Sponsor   Walgreens

Thank you to the following donors who have made generous multi-year commitments in support of the Amphibians special exhibit.


  • Sarah and Jonathan Graham


  • Karen and Tuey Connell/Butler Family Foundation
  • Howard Isenberg
  • Christopher and Nikki Klingenstein
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Stribling Koster
  • Jeanine M. Sheehan


  • Judy and Steven Brown
  • Maria R. Hrycelak, MD/Park Ridge Pediatrics
  • Sarah and Peter Harrison
  • John F. Podjasek III

Look Back at Past Galas

BLU 2014 guests dragon dancer
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dessert at BLU band at BLU

2015 gala committee

Chairmen: Brent and Katie Gledhill and Jim and Julie O'Connor, Jr.

  • Laura Ferris Anderson*
  • Mrs. Robert A. Beatty
  • Mrs. Walter W. Bell
  • Mrs. Philip D. Block III*
  • Mrs. Richard Blommer
  • Mrs. Douglas J. Brown
  • Elizabeth O'Connor Cole
  • Karen Butler Connell
  • Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly
  • Mrs. Alfred E. D'Ancona III*
  • Robin Blesi Doerge*
  • Paula Raymond Epstein*
  • Mrs. Dixie L. Erwin 
  • Mrs. William M. Feldman
  • Mrs. Valencia L. Fellows
  • Sarah Nava Garvey*
  • Mrs. Matthew Goebel
  • Mrs. Matthew R. Halpin
  • Mrs. Sarah Harrison
  • Kate Malone Jackson
  • Dr. Ann L. Jones
  • Mrs. Thomas N. King
  • Mrs. David J. Koo
  • Mrs. R. Stribling Koster
  • Mrs. Robert D. Krebs*
  • Ms. Donna LaPietra*
  • Mrs. Ian Larkin
  • Karin Larkins
  • Mrs. Anna M. Livingston
  • Michelle D. Maguire
  • Kristin Arneson Mahr
  • Christine Maki
  • Mrs. David J. Malliband
  • Mrs. W. David Mangel*
  • Mrs. Sean Martin
  • Leslie Gantz McLamore
  • Mrs. Andrew McNally V
  • Mrs. John Mengelt*
  • Mrs. Robert S. Morrison*
  • Susan Blankenbaker Noyes
  • Julie Hughes O'Connor*
  • Mrs. James J. O'Connor*
  • Mrs. Albert Pawlick*
  • Mrs. Donald S. Perkins*
  • Mrs. Donald Rocap
  • Angela Sandner
  • Mrs. Christopher J. Sandner
  • Mrs. John F. Sandner
  • Mrs. Mark A. Schmid
  • Mrs. Susan Hassan Schreiber
  • Nancy S. Searle*
  • Mrs. William N. Sick*
  • Sandra L. Simon*
  • Mrs. Stephen B. Smith*
  • Mrs. Thomas C. Smith
  • Mrs. Steve Solomon
  • Elizabeth Philips-Sorich
  • Sharon Watrous
  • *Past Gala Chairman

board of trustees

  • Tyrone C. Fahner Chairman (ending May 2015)
  • H. John Gilbertson Jr. Chairman (beginning May 2015)
  • Ted A. Beattie President/CEO


  • Philip D. Block III
  • Peter B. Foreman
  • Marian Phelps Pawlick
  • William N. Sick
  • Stephen Byron Smith


  • Peter J. Bensen
  • Richard W. Burke, Sr.
  • William J. Chase
  • Paul J. Carbone
  • Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly
  • Eugene M. Cummings
  • Scott L. Dille
  • David L. Epstein
  • Richard E. Erwin
  • Sarah N. Garvey
  • Brett J. Hart
  • Wallace L. Head
  • Kym M. Hubbard
  • Brian A. Kenney
  • Richard L. Keyser
  • Thomas N. King
  • David J. Koo
  • Anne E. Krebs
  • Donna LaPietra
  • Stuart Larkins
  • Bruce K. Lee
  • Matthew C. Levin
  • Anna M. Livingston
  • Cheryl Mayberry McKissack
  • Andrew McNally V
  • Harvey L. Miller
  • J. Jay Miller
  • Wade D. Miquelon
  • Susan E. Morrison
  • Christopher  J. Oates
  • Ellen L. O'Connor
  • Jane B. Perkins
  • Ginevra Reed Ralph
  • Susan Regenstein
  • Gregory H. Sachs
  • John F. Sandner
  • David P. Scharf
  • Rodd M. Schreiber
  • Nancy S. Searle
  • Lloyd A. Semple, Jr.
  • Sandra L. Simon
  • Alex Singla
  • Mary S. Smith
  • Guy E. Snyder
  • Steven J. Solomon
  • Tracy Souder
  • William C. Steers
  • Jane Warner 
  • Reeve Byron Waud
  • Steve Weller
  • Donna Sims Wilson


  • Henry S. Bienen
  • Ronald L. Blake
  • William P. Braker
  • Stanton R. Cook
  • The Honorable Richard M. Daley
  • Quentin G. Heisler, Jr.
  • J. Donald Higgins
  • Robert H. Jordan
  • Cary A. Kochman
  • Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.
  • John Jeffry Louis III
  • Patrick J. Mullen
  • Marjorie Reed
  • Susan Regenstein
  • Morton O. Schapiro
  • Anne O'Laughlin Scott
  • John A. Sivright
  • Jeffrey D. Steele
  • Robert J. Stucker


  • The Honorable Rahm Emanuel
  • David D. Trace


To make reservations or request additional information, please contact Shedd Aquarium at 312-692-2781.

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