• A Day at Shedd: Exploring the Aquarium as a Guest

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    Cami Fannin is one of Shedd’s summer interns. In the second of her three-part blog series, “A Day at Shedd,” she explores the aquarium as a guest to learn about many of the 32,000 animals that live here. 

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  • Divers of the Caribbean

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    The 90,000-gallon Caribbean Reef habitat is home to a rescued green sea turtle, bonnethead sharks, cownose rays and hundreds of schooling fishes. But this underwater community also welcomes daily human visitors!

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  • A Day at Shedd: Intern Diary

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    Summer intern Cami Fannin is a senior majoring in strategic communication at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. In this first installment of her blog series, “A Day at Shedd,” find out what it’s like to dive into the intern experience. 

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  • Mourning the Loss of Beloved Beluga Whale Miki

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    For more than two decades, Shedd Aquarium has had the privilege of caring for belugas - beautiful, white whales with a mouth shaped like a smile and a vocal range that earns the nickname “the canaries of the sea.” We’ve learned extraordinary information about them, have loved and cared for them, and have educated tens of millions of people about belugas by providing the unique opportunity to see and observe them in an up-close and real way. 

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  • Animal Athletes

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    The games begin in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 5. The games provide a global audience with 17 days of the highest level of human physical achievement in sports, including diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, archery, gymnastics, sprint and wrestling.

    Amazing as the athletes from 207 countries are, they can’t hold a flame to the animals on Team Shedd.

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