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Shedd Aquarium gift certificates can be applied to:

 Shedd admissionmemberships, donations, Extraordinary Experiences, or select programs and events.

Three penguins stand on a ledge overlooking a habitat full of sharks.

Shedd Admission

It’s time to spread your wings! Shedd Aquarium is open and we look forward to welcoming our members and guests back. We have stringent measures in place to create a safe and enriching experience with the aquatic animal world.

A family in Underwater Beauty peers through a habitat teeming with quick-moving, many-shaped reef fish.


Dive into the aquatic world at Shedd—and take action to support it around the globe! A membership is the best way to explore Shedd Aquarium, with benefits including member-only programs, events and discounts. Your membership also makes a difference, supporting rescue and recovery efforts from Alaska to South Africa.

Dr. Andy Kough dives to find large, football-sized conch shells on the ocean floor in the Bahamas.


Your donation helps animals, at Shedd and around the globe. Give today to fund daily care for animals like rescued sea turtle Nickel or support conservation research in the Caribbean.

A Shedd trainer kneels on the astroturf floor of Shedd's Penguin Encounter room with a Magellanic penguin perched on her lap. A young participant sitting on a bench reaches out to touch the penguin's back.

Extraordinary Experiences

Are you looking for a Shedd experience that’s a little more special, more personal, more in-depth? Whether it’s a guided tour behind the scenes or a chance to meet a penguin, we’ve got experiences you’ll never forget.

A young boy in Shedd's aquarium galleries touches the sharp edges of the teeth in a shark's jaw bone.

Select Programs & Events

What do you want to do? At Shedd Aquarium, you’ll find programs and events for all ages and backgrounds. Kids can go on hands-on science adventures. Teens can explore careers in the Teen Lab and coral reefs in the Bahamas. Great Lakes Action Days and sleepovers at the aquarium create memories for the whole family. 

A boy wearing a snorkel is seen reaching for a camera during a video chat.

Select Virtual Learning Programs

Experience the wonders of the aquatic animal world right from your home! Introducing Shedd's new digital online learning center. A space for individuals, families and children who want to look nature in the eye from home.