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A Magellanic penguin stands on the rocks of its Polar Play Zone habitat, other penguins visible in the background swimming on their stomachs in the water.

9 Animals Important to Latin Countries and Cultures

Latinx Heritage Month, which takes place September 15 – October 15, honors those diverse cultures, rich histories and storied contributions of Latinx people across the globe and is linked to the national independence days of several Latin American nations. This month, join us to also celebrate aquatic animals at the aquarium that are culturally important or native to Latin countries and bring to light why people should conserve and protect them.

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An Inside Look at Shedd

As you watch the sea otters play in the Abbott Oceanarium, how can you tell Cooper from Watson? What's it like to drop everything and rush to Canada to help rescue a stranded beluga whale? Discover yourself with Shedd's stories and updates, sharing everything from new arrivals to animal rescues across the globe!