Auxiliary Board

John G. Shedd Aquarium’s Auxiliary Board comprises about 75 young professionals who represent a variety of Chicago-based corporations and institutions. They meet four times a year and engage in Shedd and Board activities about once a month. The Auxiliary Board’s mission is “to support Shedd Aquarium and its Board of Trustees by actively developing new sources of support and increasing public awareness of the aquarium’s exhibits, research, conservation and education programs.”

The board has a variety of member-led committees that help them achieve this mission, including fundraising, membership, conservation and volunteering, as well as a family and friends committee. The group has also developed a leadership committee focused on strategizing and planning for the board’s signature fundraising event, BLU, which is hosted annually on the last Saturday in July.

In addition to required participation on at least one committee, board members are expected to attend at least two board meetings every year. Auxiliary Board members also support Shedd’s fundraising efforts through financial contributions and ticket purchases to BLU.

New members are accepted on an ongoing basis, typically on a quarterly schedule. To begin the application process, they are asked to submit a resume and a statement of interest to the Membership Committee. From there, a representative will meet with the applicant. Qualified candidates are invited to an event to meet and speak with additional board members. The Membership Committee will invite candidates to join Shedd’s Auxiliary Board based on space availability. If you’re interested in applying to Shedd’s Auxiliary Board, please send an email with a resume and statement of interest included.


Thanks to everyone who supported Shedd at BLU 2015! See you next year!

Apply for the Auxiliary Board

If you’re interested in applying to Shedd’s Auxiliary Board, please send an email with a resume and statement of interest included.