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The Next Generation, Committed to Preserving Aquatic Life

The Auxiliary Board achieves its mission through member-led committees that focus on fundraising, membership, conservation, engagement and social. In addition, the leadership committee plans the board’s signature summer fundraising event, BLU.

The board also collaborates on Shedd’s education initiatives through its support of the Wreath-Cycled program that each holiday season challenges Chicago-area classrooms to a recycling project that spreads Shedd’s conservation message.

Shedd's Auxiliary Board members listen to a Shedd expert talk about Amazon Rising.
The North Terrace, with its commanding view of the Chicago skyline, can be converted into a dance floor in the warmer months.

Active participation in the Auxiliary Board includes

  • serving on at least one committee
  • attending a minimum of four Auxiliary Board or Shedd programs throughout the year, including quarterly meetings and monthly board programming
  • supporting Shedd’s fundraising efforts through financial contributions and ticket purchases to BLU