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A sea star found by Shedd researchers in the Bahamas sits on the sandy ocean floor with a plastic chips bag stuck to its rough body.

Prevent plastic pollution

22 million pounds of plastic enters the Great Lakes ecosystem every year, threatening the sunny beaches and soaring seabirds we love. We're walking our talk by cutting our use of plastic and committing to moving our entire operation toward zero waste. If you can, take a small step with a big impact: #LetsSheddPlastic to help keep single-use plastic out of the Great Lakes.

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Rescued sea otter pup Ellie chews on sustainably sourced clams, one of otters' favorite treats.

Sustainable seafood

Animals and people alike rely on healthy oceans. Choosing sustainable sourced seafood is one of the most direct actions you can take to help the very animals that bring you to Shedd and to protect the health of our oceans and lakes.

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A shark swims near a Shedd research expedition in the Caribbean.

#Keep Sharks Swimming

Sharks are vital to maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems, but these magnificent predators are under threat of extinction from overfishing and other human impacts. Swim with sharks in 360, then take action to #KeepSharksSwimming.

Keep Sharks Swimming

Three teens helping at a beach cleanup hold buckets and hand each other items to throw away.

Shedd Aquarium Action Days

Make a difference for our local habitats! Join a Shedd Aquarium Action Day and spend a day outdoors, cleaning beaches and restoring lakeshore and forest preserve habitats. You’ll help animals from frogs to fishes and have fun doing it!

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A smartphone is held by two hands, showing the Fish Finder app's opening page.

Great Lakes Fish Finder App

The Great Lakes Fish Finder is an interactive field guide. Look up and identify fishes, submit sightings and join a community of Great Lakes enthusiasts to help you classify your finds. The Great Lakes Fish Finder app is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

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Shedd's Oceanarium sits on the lake next to the Chicago skyline.

Aquarium Conservation Partnership

Join aquariums across the country in reducing plastic waste. Disposable plastic is only in your hands for a moment, but it piles up forever in our ocean, rivers, and lakes – and hurts your favorite aquatic animals.

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