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We love our members! Thank you so much for being a member! After donating your fully tax deductible gift to Shedd, we do our best to thank you. Here are a few of the perks – complimentary admission and ability to pick your show times in advance, complimentary admission to Jazzin and our science pub series, special invites to member exclusive events and much more. We couldn’t accomplish as much with you, our member family, so thank you! We hope to see you at Shedd soon.

Just for members, receive 10% off in our online store with the promo code TREEFROG.

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Upcoming Promotions and Events

October is Member Appreciation Month!

In addition to our standard member savings, during October our members get even more! Throughout October, be sure to check out these offers:

  • Extraordinary Experiences: Get an exclusive 50% off your member discount for Trainer for a Day, and Behind-the-Scenes Tour programs purchased October 1-31, 2016. You'll get to see firsthand the important work you are supporting with your membership
  • Gift store: You'll receive a 20% discount on any item

Member Events

Oct. 29: Members morning coffee with a Halloween twist, 9-10:30 a.m. Join us in the Bubble Net food court for light refreshments, coffee and a kids costume parade!

Members communications

First Look!: Your exclusive inside scoop on a variety of animal stories and programs.
E-news: Monthly highlights of what's happening at Shedd.