Open 9 am - 5 pm

360: Diving with Coral Reef Sharks in the Bahamas

Swim alongside Shedd researcher Steve Kessel as he studies protected sharks in the Bahamas.

360: Swim with the Sharks in Wild Reef

How do we care for 20+ sharks in Shedd’s Wild Reef? Enter the water for a close look.

360: Explore a Lemon Shark Nursery

Mangrove forests give lemon shark pups a sheltered space to grow. Splash in alongside growing sharks in this one-of-a-kind habitat.

360: Dive in with Hammerhead and Nurse Sharks

Follow hammerheads and nurse sharks as they feed, and learn how these top predators promote healthy underwater ecosystems!

  • Shark expert Steve Kessel wipes a swab along a shark's skin from the back of Shedd's research vessel, the Coral Reef II, in the Caribbean.

    Shark Research in the Bahamas

    Concentrating in the Caribbean region and working with partners in The Bahamas, our field scientists are conducting research to help best protect sharks and their ecosystems.

  • Pasama Cole-Kweli, an assistantship in Shedd’s Teen Learning Lab, works with high school students on an international shark conservation project. She’s shown with Shedd’s shark researcher Steve Kessel, left, and Global FinPrint scientist Dr. Demian Chapman.

    Global FinPrint

    Shedd’s collaboration with international shark research project Global FinPrint gives Chicago-area teens the opportunity to be community scientists in a high-tech survey of shark and ray populations around the globe.

  • Sandbar sharks have a classic shark profile with a triangular dorsal fin and a streamlined body shape designed for constant movement.

    Meet the Sharks at Shedd

    From reef sharks in constant motion to small deep-ocean sharks resting vertically on a rock wall, these awe-inspiring predators are found across our oceans—and throughout Shedd Aquarium.