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A filet of salmon is elegantly arranged on a plate with a fig and mushrooms. The salmon was made at Shedd and sourced sustainably.

Restaurants: Join Let’s Shedd Plastic

Earlier this year, Shedd Aquarium launched Let’s Shedd Plastic, a collaborative program to work with restaurants to reduce single-use plastics in their operations, provide learning opportunities for staff and patrons, and collectively advocate for more sustainable policies and systems. See the restaurants that have already signed up.

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Working towards a plastic-free future

In addition to restaurants, we are also working with policymakers, businesses, school and scout groups, community leaders and many others to tackle plastic pollution from every angle. Through these collaborations, we will work together to continuously take action to prevent plastic pollution for wildlife and humans alike.

Join the movement

Our everyday actions can make a difference and demonstrate a demand for big changes to protect our environment and the people and wildlife who inhabit it. It is critical that we take action today to advocate for sustainable solutions to the plastic crisis. Here's how you can help:

✓ Opt for reusables

Replace single-use disposable plastic items like cutlery with your carry-out meals with reusables. Check out our consciously curated shopping guide with a focus on conserving nature.

✓ Raise your voice

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 was recently introduced in Congress, and we need your help to move it forward. The bill would increase industry participation in solutions, incentivize innovation to reduce single-use plastic and support next generation waste management infrastructure at the local and state level. Please contact your member of Congress to ask them to co-sponsor the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act.

✓ Restore local habitats

Join one of Shedd Aquarium’s Action Days. We’ll pick up litter or remove invasive plants that pose another threat to local wildlife.

✓ Nominate a restaurant 

Nominate your favorite restaurant to join Let's Shedd Plastic. Fill out this form and our team of conservation experts will reach out!

✓ Sign up for plastic pollution alerts

Calling all nature lovers, animal enthusiasts and community scientists! Introducing Surge: a dedicated community for Earth-friendly living. We need your energy, your passion and your ideas to drive our new community dedicated to building a healthy and equitable future for all members of our shared planet. Get tips delivered right to your inbox from experts you trust! Sign up for Surge.

  • A woman holds a glass reusable bottle in front of her.
  • Artificial floating islands jut into the Chicago river, covered in greenery
  • A reusable bag holding two oranges swings by the side of a woman wearing jeans.
  • A trainer hold a Shedd coffee travel mug on the edge of the water while a beluga comes out of the water, both heads touch.
  • A glass water bottle and reusable shopping bag are held to the sides of a person as they walk.

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