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Working towards a plastic-free future

We are partnering with restaurants to reduce single-use plastics in their operations, provide learning opportunities for staff and patrons, and collectively advocate for more sustainable policies and systems. We are also working with policymakers, businesses, school and scout groups, community leaders and many others to tackle plastic pollution from every angle.

Through these collaborations, we will work together to continuously take action to prevent plastic pollution for wildlife and humans alike.

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Two reusable bags sit on a shelf.
Compostable plate, napkin, utensils, and cup sit on a wood surface.

“There are many sources of plastic pollution so there are many solutions available to us.”

Jaclyn Wegner, director of conservation action

Together, we can make a difference

Our everyday actions can make a difference and demonstrate a demand for big changes to protect our environment and the people and wildlife who inhabit it. It is critical that we take action today to advocate for sustainable solutions to the plastic crisis. Here's how you can help:

Opt for reusables

  • Reuse single-use plastic items like cutlery with your carry-out meals. Check out Shedd's gift shop for reusable mugs, bags, and more!
  • Support businesses that are using or developing plastic-free alternatives or nominate a local restaurant or business to become a Let's Shedd Plastic collaborator.

Raise your voice

  • Contact elected officials, local businesses and your community--ask them to join us in working toward a plastic-free future.
  • Sign the petition to bring Dispatch Goods' reusable food packaging to Chicago's restaurants.

Restore local aquatic habitats

Join one of Shedd Aquarium’s Action Days. We’ll pick up litter or remove invasive plants that pose another threat to local wildlife.

  • Pale yellow drinks in transparent compostable cups
  • Artificial floating islands jut into the Chicago river, covered in greenery
  • A diver swims in water holding a white Shedd coffee mug as a fish swims behind.
  • A trainer hold a Shedd coffee travel mug on the edge of the water while a beluga comes out of the water, both heads touch.
  • A sea lion drops a plastic bottle in a recycling bin during an Aquatic Presentation

Do you represent a restaurant or business?

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