Open 9 am - 6 pm
Guests in front of Shedd's Wild Reef shark habitat stand before the curved floor-to-ceiling glass as sharks cruise by.
Beluga whales crowd around a camera just beneath the water's surface.
Illinois Schools*
Other Groups**
Group All-Access
All exhibits, aquatic presentation plus a 4-D Experience

Adult $4 $29.95
Students (ages 3-19)
$4 $22.95
Group Admission
All exhibits and aquatic presentation (aquatic presentation subject to availability)
Adult Free $26.95
Students (ages 3-19)
Free $19.95

*Illinois Schools are K-12 Illinois schools certified by the Illinois Board of Education, along with Illinois homeschools.

Illinois School groups (K-12) certified by the Illinois State Board of Education receive free Group Admission + Aquatic Presentation tickets at a 1:5 adult to student ratio. Any adults over the ratio will be charged the rates below. (We recommend a 1:5 adult/student ratio (grades K-5); 1:10 adult/student (grades 6-12).)

**Other Groups are parties of 15 or more, including out-of-state schools, in-state day cares, colleges, universities, park district groups, senior groups, adult groups, youth programs, church, family, or other social outings. 

Tour operators or Chicago resident groups are eligible for special rates when group reservations resume. Join our email list for the latest updates.

Young visitors wave at a Shedd diver through the glass of the large Caribbean Reef rotunda. The diver, wearing a diving mask and flippers on his feet, waves back.

An Unforgettable Field Trip Destination 

Some of the richest learning experiences start by looking nature in the eye. At Shedd, you and your students will explore the world, making discoveries where science, technology, critical thinking and peer learning meet.

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Group Payment Options and Terms

We require advance payment at least 14 days before your scheduled visit. Admission nor program participation are not guaranteed until your reservation has been fully paid. Payments are not accepted onsite at Shedd unless special arrangements are made. If you need to make special arrangements, or you will no longer be attending, please email our team with your group information and request details. Late payments and no-shows may be subject to a $250 reservation fee.

Credit Card
To pay by credit card, call 312-692-3333. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

To pay by check, mail to:
Shedd Aquarium Society
29017 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1290

Please include your confirmation number on the check.

Purchase Orders (POs)
Purchase orders are an acceptable form for confirming your visit or program. Please note that it will be the responsibility of the teacher or school to make sure the request is fulfilled by CPS, or other school district, at least 14 days before the date of visit. Teachers who reserve a field trip to Shedd Aquarium will continue to receive payment reminders from us until the request is completed. Shedd Aquarium is not responsible for submitting purchase orders to CPS/school district Accounts Payable on behalf of the school. Failure to fulfill the purchase order by 14 days before the visit or program will result in cancellation of your trip or program.

Confirming free visits for certified Illinois schools

Cancellation notices must be made online no later than 14 days before your visit date or your school will be charged a $250 reservation fee. You will also be sent an email prior to the 14 day required notice window asking you to confirm that you are still planning to attend. Inclement weather and unexpected school cancellations are not subject to this fee. Please contact our staff  by email or by calling 312-692-3333 if there are special circumstances that may prevent your group’s arrival.

Refunds and changes

No refunds will be issued within 14 days of or after your visit date. Please notify us of any upgrades or changes in the number of adults or children in your group at least 14 days before your visit by emailing or calling 312-692-3333. On the day of your visit, you will be responsible for the number of tickets you have reserved, even if your group size has decreased. If you arrive with additional guests, we’ll make every attempt to accommodate them, based on availability of extra tickets.


Email [email protected]  or call 312-692-3333.