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Each Council meeting consists of a diverse cross-section of 15–20 members and Shedd staff. The Council generally meets once per month, utilizing both virtual and in-person meetings as needed. Membership terms are for one school year with potential for renewal, dependent on the Council needs at the conclusion of the school year. As a member of Shedd’s Teacher and Administrator Advisory Council, each educator will:

  • Share their voice and provide input to help shape how Shedd supports schools and teachers.
  • Consult with other teachers for additional input/feedback.
  • Support and promote Shedd programs to colleagues, networks, etc. (i.e., share flyers, share on social media, etc.).
  • Commit to actively participating in meetings, generally 2–3 hours a month (provide feedback, learn alongside colleagues, take part in unique experiences at Shedd, participate in brainstorming, etc.).

Membership benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Having an active voice in shaping what Shedd offers to schools and teachers.
  • Special Shedd encounter/experience at least once per term.
  • Have opportunities to test new programs or resource content with their classrooms and provide feedback for further development.
  • Receive professional development ISBE Clock Hours for qualifying meeting content, if eligible.

If you are interested in joining the Teacher and Administrator Advisory Council, complete this inquiry form. New membership is evaluated based on the current needs of the Council. Any questions can be sent to [email protected].

We strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ+ community, Veterans and active-duty military, parents, individuals with disabilities, and individuals from all cultural backgrounds to inquire about the Teacher Advisory Council. Shedd Aquarium welcomes everyone to our team.

A group of teachers wearing masks stand in Shedd's executive office suite.

The 2021–2022 School Year Shedd Aquarium Teacher Advisory Council.


New membership is evaluated based on the current needs of the Council. Any questions can be sent to [email protected].